An Envoy from Environmental Online (ENO) Finland Ms Pirjo Samaraki paid courtesy call to the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic Services Professor Frank Youngman accompanied by Director Open Schooling Mrs Masego Bagopi and Subject Specialist Mr Tommie Hamaluba on 4th February 2020. 

This follows a donation to Botswana Forest and Ranger Resources Department in the Ministry of Environment Tourism and Natural Resources of 28,000 Euros (BWP335,587.58) which Mr Hamaluba solicited for tree planting of 40,000 trees in Botswana for 2020-2021 rainy seasons.  This came out of the subject specialist's long time community service on environmental issues in Botswana hence the donation called "Climate AID". A pre- launch campaign was done in Ghanzi district on 30th January 2019 spearheaded by the department of Forestry and Ranger Resources.


There will be a national climate change campaign in Finland called Climate Aid where Finnish people and companies donate money for concrete action against the climate change. One of the targets is tree planting abroad and the organisers have decided that ENO would be in responsible for this gesture.

The aim is that with this support, schools in Botswana and Namibia would both plant 25 hectares of trees (about 50 000 trees in each country). Each tree planted will be given 0,7 euro to cover costs of trees where they have to be bought or associated costs of the tree planting event where the countries have free trees from Forestry department.

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